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Related article: From: D A u003cdoned88 yahoo. com u003e Subject: broken heat, sound asleep Date: July 21, 1998 00:00:00 GMT n We had to share the bed. Well, you know the words "had " provoked laughter and comments from across the room. Luckily for my secret had to duplicate all of us, thanks to the heaters in poor condition on the floor of our fraternity house. There are always rumors and jokes about the fraternity houses. But above all a joke, even heavy with another man in this kind of place. Everyone is so male, surveillance and eager to privacy, which is very rare for someone to show, its appeal to a brother.... much less come out. when you Does anyone ever, I am sure to be quiet or not so discreetly invited to exit. Of course, the atmosphere was perfect for me and for all homosexuals locked others. some guys wearing only jockey shorts, shorts or better yet hang towels fresh from the shower. Hell, I even in a dead end of the night 's television operations group, which after a few beers and a porn tape, , as a group. That we have never in my high school... I've heard over and over again circle jerk of adolescence.... Never until this afternoon in our fraternity that happens. But the fate of Bobby and I was almost naked on the covers and always for several days. Bobby was my classmate and fraternity brother. We were good friends and share the privacy of our s thoughts with others.... actually not all our secrets. I never said I was strange, was not physically attracted to him, hurt my erections. However, other buildings had been seen vomiting and others. Now that is shared. Is a normal part of life in a fraternity house. I remember the first time my friendship with Bobby became something else. was spring, and some of us were running across the lawn barefoot and topless only gym shorts or underwear. Our impromptu game touch football was football and we were delighted. The air was clear, fraternity about sorority houses and had to go as outdoor funING Car shouting happening and prisoners with their friends across the street was the Campus sun n full of our competitors, run, walk and enjoy the premiere of the spring. got my breath to see Bobby gallop to manipulate Jerry goalpost at the other end of the lawn. Effort looked beautiful, Dodge wouldbe tacklers muscle movements of his skin over his slender body, thick legs him forward, pushing face contorted with the type of maximum effort to put in all he did. Something that grew on me... Needless to say,.... I felt proud that he was my roommate. saw others around me to him and admire its shape, speed and success. But I knew it was something more than pride to a friend... he has in me. I climbed the Since the night thinking about him running.. only in my imagination, I was completely naked. ran as an elegant animal, through its tail from side to side, your ball sack butt bouncing movements with every step you ran ram. It was a orgasm rememberapproached as clear as r in the same truck. As there were many fantasies and orgasms.. but none as special as the first, while I thought of him. Bobby and I shrugged off the joke, as we filled the bed and went to the first study, were assigned a temporary room. Take her to bed Maintenance was twice the size.. not big enough for two strangers and not is small enough for Bobby to me I would have liked me strength. We have studied and spoken, and as he always did, showered and trimmed out of bed. But this time we were in it. "I hope I do not care, I snore," he said. I did not tell. that not shared a bed as a rule, but we have the same room in the cold now shares part of the house. " sleep through earthquakes," he said. And that was true. I slept more deeply than someone I knew. I almost had to get him out of bed to wake him when he fell asleep. was completely naked. I was in my jockey shorts. He slept naked every day in the roomBut this time I thought it would not. "does not care what you do ? I so hot at night, " " Braggert " he said, and went up to my side, I was glad when " we the bed. " I cock hurt, of course.. and after a couple of nights, Whaka off, while Bobby slept naked body like a fallen tree beside me. was almost like having sex with him... But not quite. the warming of the damn problem, and cursing all over it, of course n , is thrilled at the bare bottom of my roommates are pressing night. "I upset last night, I was spinning around me," said one morning I just to see. " Really? Christ, you know me, I sleep with anything," he said, and waved n when we went to our respective classes. A end of the week the new room was filled with our books, casually thrown clothes and CDs. The home study will never be the same. When the heat n always been resolved, we allow two weeks, only to return to our own room n. I have to say about the toilet. From the top floor was cold, no one uses the bathroom there. Somehow it became customary to bad unlocked more than one person at a time that could be used. is A little pee shy, was a learning experience in the stand of bathroom and suddenly another yellow power seems to me. But I got used to. showers, while someone pissing out of the shade Preteen Art or shaving normal. I had always wanted Bobby to john would share, but was always very friendly, " home " as he put it. And I I n the same. Not so after we had come down. In fact, Bobby arrangements for John to share and close the door. As a gay couple married We shave, shower, piss and shit are still together. If that's not romantic, is what? OK, is not " romantic", but it was almost married him. Enough of that.. let me tell you how Preteen Art stupid I have about my so attractive. was a cold night.. and we were like uSUAL in bed. Bobby breathed regularly... shows that he was asleep. , but I could not sleep. Maybe it was pizza night, the control of the next day or the naked man next to me, but I could not sleep. I turned to the lamp and tried to read. I knew the light would not bother Bobby. and s not. I looked at him and looked at his bare chest. The ceiling was only a little sufficient to show the height of his hip bone. It seemed very natural for me to get to, , and put my hand on it. I.. and then realized what he had done. , but Bobby is not controlled or react in any way. My hand was there.. because he was... my penis was hard. I moved my hand to be soft skin... Feel its texture, the underlying muscles, ribs, which are kept the heart of me. reached out and touched his chest. Two round masses of muscle and flesh had come to if two senior art now for me to investigate. I closed eyes and felt.... hoping to enjoy the feeling of my fingers were intensified. ° Is roof to look like naked body six feet stretched as a statue standing on the side. Her flat stomach is still taught seemed flexible. Her thighs were thick and the two hands, to memorize feet , and keep the other leg. his balls were ready at hand, such as large rocks, consult a Preteen Art jeweler eyes. Its tail, fleshy and full of blood was not so vertical althougth nature in the palm of your hand. I leaned over him and kissed his cock and balls.. not daring to do something else. my shorts were discarded, and threw me to the bed, not sleeping and hot as I touched his face, neck, shoulders, forearms and fingers. Your body does not resist, nor answered. He was lifeless, but hot.. Could blood pumps... full of life, power and sex. I pulled the lamp so he could investigate further her nipples.. both large and brown, with a bite nipple enough to build. However, I do not. But I , one touching the tip of my tongue. ducked and got out of bed to urinate. When Bobby returned to the body or was revealed. He was face down, as if I can get more places to explore. I could not resist. The contour of the skin, with the neck bent over his shoulders, lower back and big round balls, his buttock just suddenly tapered thick thighs, calves thin and at the end n adruptly estectically although their toes... It was a sight to enjoy as much as o painting of several million dollars or a statue n. My fingers do not " shake more. I learned every inch, every curve, and also the ass.... an area that is suspected, no one else touches except a doctor. I envied this doctor I had the excuse of the probe deeply This handsome boy / man to find and feel the special gland which probably made ​​it even Bobby moan a bit. I do not dare, things so far. start to me, stroking me and I saw no more attention.. a if he slept or not... he turned to me with his face. I moved to my knees and leanedmove on it, wet my lips, my tongue.. and I kissed on the lips, cheeks, and whole body..... I held her face in my hands a s the last time and kissed her lips again. get back and saw him lying there, naked, vulnerable and strong yet, and s in command as a brave soldier in a position - pose, which are considered of crowds before his funeral. slept.. think of it, and everything that was offered in the evening. We shower as usual the next morning.... and before leaving the bathroom, Bobby stopped and turned to me. The fleshy breasts were inches away from me. I wanted to reach out and touch, kiss, hold, hug.. but that was something that I ventured only the night before. " Last night, " he said, and I frooze. "I had the strangest dream. I never dreamed guys.... at least not as the n that" he blushed. I stayed quiet, hoping not to my erection every time to store my towel at this time. " were things to do.... y.... ah shit man that can not be fun in bed things," said Bobby, and said nothingmore g. " Ready to sleep at night? " I asked him several hours later, when he put his books s. was in the room and went naked as usual. " Hey man, we're very close. And that's great. But tonight, it's great ?" He is in bed and turned to me to sleep. I was in my underwear Preteen Art and slept well. The heat has been corrected and returned to our room upstairs.. and our own beds. Nothing more was said by one of us.... I never knew if I had actually dreamed n or allows his best friend, will check this as a love sick homo.. Of the n Of course I was. S was the only thing that has changed our bathroom habits. Bobby and I share the bathroom without taking into account the privacy or modesty. Bobby even intensified in the shower a few times when he had been drinking and not hide bent erection.. or to respond to my own hard drive. Maybe he wanted me to do in the first step or the second. o I did not know... I could not lose a friend, so do not.... not even attempted to , with the excusemany drinks I could do that. , but occasionally I crawl through the space that sit on our beds in bed and looked at it.. and even stroke and again. Of course, he was fast asleep.
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